Profits over people

K-Electric should have been a public service company but it has been turned into a profit-oriented company. For the month of July 2023 I was billed a hefty amount of Rs32,552 which I paid after taking loans from some friends and relatives and I cannot fathom how I will pay the next bills. It seems as if Nepra’s role is nothing but to protect and give a legal cover to the wrong-doings and draconian acts of KE, including inflated bills and unscheduled loadshedding.

The outgoing PDM government, despite making tall claims about addressing people’s grievances, did absolutely nothing to provide relief. Those belonging to the middle classes have been left at the mercy of KE’s high-handedness. The caretaker prime minister and chief minister of Sindh are requested to look into the increasing financial burden being placed on the people and take urgent measures to redress their grievances to some extent.

Hasan Afzaal


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