Which GoP runners are ready to back Trump in presidential race even if he’s convicted?


Republican presidential candidates indicate if they would support Donald Trump if convicted.— The Fox News Channel
Republican presidential candidates indicate if they would support Donald Trump if convicted.— The Fox News Channel

Majority of Republican presidential candidates — amid GOP’s first primary debate for 2024 presidential bid — vowed to support former president Donald Trump despite legal woes if he is nominated as the GOP’s nominee for the 2024 presidential elections. 

The question did not only test their allegiance to the party’s nominee but also navigate the complexities of the legal challenges surrounding former President Donald Trump.

In order to qualify for the first debate, the Republican National Committee required candidates to sign a pledge saying they would back the party’s nominee.

The moderator asked: Would the candidates still support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee if he were to be convicted in a court of law?

This question placed the candidates in a shaky position, with their answers potentially revealing their allegiance to the party or their stance on the rule of law.

In response, diverse reactions emerged on the debate stage. Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Doug Burgum, Ron DeSantis, and Mike Pence raised their hands in support of Trump’s potential nomination even in the face of legal challenges.

However, Asa Hutchinson did not join in this gesture.

The exchange took an interesting turn when Chris Christie, known for his criticism of the former president, hesitated before raising his hand and then gestured a mix of disapproval and uncertainty.

This momentary pause marked a pivotal juncture in the debate, highlighting the complexity of candidates’ stances on Trump’s legal situation.

Christie’s response showcased a deeper divide within the Republican Party regarding Trump’s influence and actions. He seized the opportunity to express his concerns about normalizing certain behaviours and emphasized that irrespective of criminal charges, some conduct is unfitting for a president. His critique sparked both support and dissent from the crowd, emphasizing the ongoing internal discourse.

Trump’s legal journey: An overview

The question about supporting Trump amid legal uncertainties highlighted the backdrop of Trump’s multiple legal challenges. Facing 91 criminal charges across four indictments, Trump’s legal battles have extended from federal charges related to the aftermath of the 2020 election to indictments in New York involving hush money payments.

From arraignments to indictments over election-related efforts in Georgia, his legal troubles have ignited debates about accountability and legal implications.


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