Voter concerns


I am concerned about the upcoming elections in Pakistan. I witnessed the poor performance of the authorities in the last elections back in 2018 and the lack of accountability and transparency in the electoral process. There are many issues that need to be addressed before the elections are held. For instance, there are reports of discrepancies and errors in the voter lists, such as missing names, incorrect addresses, duplicate entries, and outdated data. These errors can affect the credibility and fairness of the elections and deprive many eligible voters of their right to vote. There also are concerns about the security and safety of the voters and candidates in Karachi, which has been plagued by violence and terrorism for many years.

The ECP should ensure that adequate measures are taken to protect the lives and property of the people and maintain law and order during the elections. The ECP should also ensure that the candidates are given equal opportunities to campaign and reach out to their constituents without any fear or intimidation.

Mariyam Allah Warahyo



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