Brazilian fitness influencer dies due to double cardiac arrest

Brazilian fitness influencer Larissa Borges can be seen in this picture posted on August 18, 2023. — Instagram/@lariborgesx
Brazilian fitness influencer Larissa Borges can be seen in this picture posted on August 18, 2023. — Instagram/@lariborgesx

A Brazilian fitness influencer has passed away following a double cardiac arrest. 

The cause of these sudden heart failures remains unknown. The young influencer passed away on August 28, 2023, at the age of 33.

The family of 33-year-old Larissa Borges shared the devastating news on Wednesday, expressing their profound grief over the loss.

The family’s Instagram post reads, “We are overwhelmed by the pain of losing someone so young and kind. Our hearts are shattered, and the void left by her absence is indescribable.”  

Larissa Borges had a following of over 32,000 on social media, where she shared her fitness journey and positivity.

Reports indicate that the fitness influencer experienced her first cardiac arrest while travelling in Gramado, Brazil, resulting in a coma that lasted a week. Later, she faced another cardiac arrest that proved fatal. 

Her family acknowledged her as a source of happiness and determination, illuminating the lives of those around her with her vibrant personality.

“She fought tirelessly for her life, confronting challenges without complaint,” her family said. 

They paid tribute to Larissa’s legacy of love, joy, and unwavering spirit. Her passing has left an irreplaceable gap in their lives.

Larissa’s family expressed their heartbreak in their heartfelt message, saying, “May her soul rest in peace, and her memory be cherished with affection and gratitude.” 

As her followers and loved ones mourn her sudden departure, her positive impact on those who knew her will be remembered.

The local police in Gramado started an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Borges’ death. Speaking with Brazilian news source G1, Delegate Gustavo Barcellos mentioned that the inquiry into her death will begin once the results from the autopsy are available. 

Barcellos also said that there’s a possibility Borges might have consumed alcohol and “narcotic substances” prior to her passing.

Barcellos explained, “There’s a mention of potential use of narcotic substances, along with alcoholic drinks.” He noted that the body is being examined, and laboratory tests will be conducted to identify any substances she might have taken. Moreover, they have already spoken to her boyfriend, who was with her, and are actively looking into the situation.

A week before her death was announced, she shared a picture of herself skiing in Gramado, accompanied by the caption: “I can believe in tomorrow.”

In the comments section of the post, many fans conveyed their condolences to Borges’ family and talked about their own feelings of sadness following the influencer’s passing.

One person wrote, “Forever in our hearts,” while another added: “Rest in peace Lari… My condolences to the whole family.”

A third individual commented: “It’s heartbreaking!!! Once again, I’m grateful to have known you. I hope your journey was as calm as possible, and that you are being well looked after by the Holy Spirit!”

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