Abuse crisis

Child abuse has reached crisis proportions in Pakistan. Recent statistics, as reported by Sahil, a local NGO, paint a grim picture of the situation. In the first half of this year, an average of 12 children faced sexual abuse every day. These statistics are not just numbers; they represent the harrowing reality that many of our children are living through. The scale of this issue is undoubtedly much larger than reports indicate, as many cases remain unreported, leaving millions of children exposed to the devastating effects of abuse and even death.

I urge the government to take immediate and comprehensive action to address this issue. One crucial step would be to increase the presence of law-enforcement personnel to ensure the safety and protection of our children. This would serve as a deterrent to potential abusers and provide a sense of security to our young citizens. Moreover, we must also focus on education and awareness campaigns to empower children and their parents with knowledge about identifying and reporting abuse.

Rahim Dad


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