VIDEO: Spectacular green meteor lights up sky in Turkey

This video shows a toddler playing with a balloon as a green meteor flies by in the sky above him.

Videos of what appeared to be a green ball of fire lighting up the sky over the weekend in Turkey went viral on social media and elicited a variety of responses from shocked netizens.

On Saturday, September 2, a dazzling meteor show streaked over the night sky over Erzurum City and Gumushane Province in the country’s east, leaving behind green light streaks.

As the meteor moves through the area’s clouds, it is visible in footage that individuals have shot that the sky is illuminated with green lights.

In the video, a toddler is seen playing with a balloon in one of these videos that Nahel Belgherze posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, as a meteor suddenly streaks through the hazy sky.

Meteoroids, often known as “space rocks,” are space objects that can be as small as dust grains or as large as small asteroids, according to the US space agency Nasa. The fireballs are known as meteors when they enter Earth’s atmosphere quickly and burn up, NDTV reported.

Additionally, officials have not yet offered a formal justification for the object’s provenance. A few weeks have passed since the Perseid meteor shower, which took place between July 17 and August 19.

Colorado had a similar occurrence last week when a huge fireball lit up the sky there.

Only a few people who were awake at the time were able to see the show at 3:30am.

The images captured by their doorbell and security cameras, which showed the celestial event taking place in the heavens, were widely distributed among the locals.

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