Rest in peace

This past Sunday (September 3), I heard the sad news that Justice Ali Nawaz Chohan had passed away. I had known Justice Chohan for the last five to six years. All our meetings had taken place in Islamabad Club, which both of us frequented regularly. I found Chohan Sahib to be a true gentleman, who was down to earth, and soft spoken. Justice Sahib took his exalted position very lightly. Justice Chohan had served as Judge of the Lahore High Court, the chief justice of Gambia and was then elected as an international judge at The Hague. He also remained a judge of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and was appointed chairman of the National Commission on Human Rights in 2015.

Justice Chohan was a great conversationalist, with a very fine sartorial taste. He held us enthralled with anecdotes from a varied and eventful career. Justice Chohan, was a very well-read and well-travelled gentleman, but, above all, he was a great and noble soul. I feel as though I have lost a mentor, an elder and a friend rolled into one. Rest in peace Justice Sahib.

Akbar Jan Marwat


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