Gifts under $25 to help you say thanks to your teacher

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023 2:55PM

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With the start of the new school year, things can get hectic. From shopping for new clothes to fit your growing child to stocking up on supplies to getting back to your morning routine, back-to-school can be a stressful time. This is no small task for parents; imagine how challenging it could be for teachers with over 20 students! Whether lecturing in a college class or teaching fundamentals to kindergartners, there’s no doubt teachers have some of the hardest jobs!

That is why this year we have a list of some of the best gifts under $25 to help you show your appreciation to special educators making a difference. From school supplies to personal self-care, these teacher-approved gifts span a variety of categories and won’t break the bank.

1. Quote Candle

For those early mornings and late nights, this aromatherapy candle made for teachers will help your favorite educator de-stress!

Image credit: Amazon

2. Teacher Gift Box

This gift box is a thoughtful collection of essentials that every teacher can use. It comes with a 20oz insulated tumbler, a ‘teacher survival kit’ and a funny pair of socks to top it off!

Image credit: Amazon

3. Teacher Canvas Bag

This canvas bag can be used for the classroom, grocery store, weekend activities and more. Plus, the kind message printed on the bag is a great way to show appreciation and put a smile on their face.

Image credit: Amazon

4. Teacher Affirmation Cards

These affirmation cards are just the thing to brighten someone’s day and remind the educator in your life that self-care is important.

Image credit: Amazon

5. Amazon Gift Card

An Amazon gift card allows your favorite teacher to let loose and buy whatever they might need!

Image credit: Amazon

6. The Happy Planner

This colorful stationery will make organizing and planning more fun!

Image credit: Walmart

7. Wooden Desk Organizer

This is a gift teachers and their students will appreciate! This wooden desk organizer is great for storing art supplies and saving space.

Image credit: Walmart

8. Hand Cream Gift Set

Remind your favorite teacher to put themselves first with this luxury hand cream set!

Image credit: Walmart

9. Coffee Mug Warmer

As fall approaches, this mug warmer will keep your teacher’s coffee or tea warm all day!

Image credit: Walmart

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