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Through social networks, the Argentine Association of Actors announced the death of actress Silvina Luna, 43. In the entertainment industry, many will remember her for her time on the reality show “El Gran Hermano”, or for her participation in programs such as “Los Roldán” or “Poné a Francella”.

Silvana’s name went viral on social networks as a result of the “medical ordeal” she had been suffering. The Argentine stated that after a poorly performed aesthetic operation, her health declined and according to CNN, she even said that her kidneys were failing.

About her surgical experience with the surgeon Anibal Lotocki, Luna spoke on the Mirtha Legrand program where she accepted that he ruined her life for her. “This was in 2010, the problem was detected in 2013 and since then I have to see the doctor every week… the fear of not knowing… of having something that is not right in my body. Anything that I have I relate to that,” said Luna, who since she began to suffer from a series of problems in various organs, as a result of cosmetic surgery, saw how little by little her whole life changed and her health became that way. it was deteriorating.

Here we share some of the statements he gave about his health and the legal process that was being carried out against said doctor.

On Silvina’s Instagram account, there is one last publication by the actress dated June 5 of this year. As she well told Mirtha in the interview, she had to go to the hospital on a regular basis, and in recent days much more because of her kidney problem.

Now that the confirmation of her death has arrived, many celebrities have searched her Instagram to say goodbye and leave messages raising their voices against the doctor who treated her. In this post we can find the names of Nicolás Vázquez, Lorena Meritano, Connie Ansaldi, Calu Rivero, among others.

The public that closely followed this case has also reacted to the news. This publication reads the public claim of the user Selene Bortondello who wrote the following: “Justice for Silvina! That her death -no- goes unpunished, with the amount of evidence and dissemination that she had. It is heartbreaking for the rest of the Argentines that we do not have even remotely the media reach that Silvina had, a person known and loved by so many. It is insanely inconceivable that Lotocki is not yet serving time in jail. A reflection of the helplessness that all Argentines suffer with this inoperative and corrupt justice”.

Selene’s words are a social signaling to the legal and judicial system of Argentina. Her words did not go unnoticed and by the end of this note she already has more than 800 likes that share and support her thinking.

There are many other messages where the desolation is palpable. Many still cannot believe that Silvina has lost her life and that she has left without getting justice. “I can’t believe it, I’m watching the sad news on TV. I don’t understand how this chabón is still free! May you rest in peace Silvina.

The discomfort of the Argentine people is present and continues latent in the social network of this actress who left at 43 as a result of medical malpractice. Rest in peace Silvina!

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