Beverly’s ‘Bike Whisperer’ teaching kids how to ride bicycles

CHICAGO —Aa man from Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood has single handedly taught hundreds of kids how to ride a bike

Erin Ivory first read about him in Block Club, and as a parent who has struggled to teach their own kids how to take off on two wheels she was intrigued.

So she found Louie Burrel, who is also known as the “Bike Whisperer.”

He said he figures he puts in at least a mile of running for each lesson and says there’s really no secret, just sweat equity and two rules: he won’t let them crash and he won’t let them fall.

“I can’t let them fall. So I’m serious about that. When you prove it and a kid wobbles, or leans a little bit and you catch them,” he said. “After a while the kid becomes comfortable and realizes, ‘Wow he’s not going to let me fall.’”

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There hasn’t been one person he hasn’t been able to teach how to stay upright on two wheels.

This fall, Burrel returns to his full time job as a varsity basketball coach and P.E. teacher, but still plans to keep room open to teach more kids how to ride.

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