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Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world.” Hers were from Salvatore Ferragamo, who designed for her a special last for hers small of hers 37 and a half of hers since most of hers were either too big or too small. The actress no longer trusted another firm to dress her feet, and the custom design that the couturier created for her is still today an icon of the brand that is sold throughout the world. Beyoncé’s foot has Jimmy Choo written on it, and on the advice of the iconic 1950s Hollywood star, the modern-day diva commissioned not one but forty pairs of custom-made shoes from the legendary firm for her tour. world Renaissance Tour.

The return to the stage of the American singer, after seven years away from them, has marked a before and after in her long career. This tour, which now begins her passage through North America and has already passed through several European cities, including Barcelona, ​​had to be carried out in a big way: a dazzling Beyoncé from head to toe, literally.

Tailored luxury. Sandra Choi made all kinds of shoes for her

Tailored luxury. Sandra Choi made all kinds of shoes for her

Sandra Choi

Comfortable footwear without sacrificing shine and glamor became a priority so that the artist could perform her feats during the Renaissance Tour, including flying over the audience on a metal horse, dancing intense choreographies to the millimeter -sometimes, together with her daughter Blue- and singing stretched out on a giant shell suspended in the center of the stage. To do this, the singer turned to her head firm, Jimmy Choo, who under the command of the creative Sandra Choi, creative director and niece of the iconic Malaysian shoemaker who founded this luxury brand, designed a macro-collection of shoes for Beyoncé adapted to the show. of three hours. And with more than seven costume changes.

Choi revealed that one of the details that he had to take into greater consideration was the height of the heels, in addition to designing a rigid structure inside some pieces to provide, “like a kind of corset for the feet”, more support and security. “There are a lot of things we did especially for Beyoncé to make sure her shoes fit her on stage. Designs are based on aesthetics Renaissance, but they are also designed to be functional”, emphasizes Choi.

For the tour. The artist has traveled with 40 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes

For the tour. The artist has traveled with 40 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes


The result is a one-of-a-kind line, with boots reinforced with boning, sandals that look delicate but provide as much support as a sneakers or booties in garish colors that blend with leggings or one-piece jumpsuits. Stellar footwear made to measure for the biggest of stars.

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