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When you think of bounce houses, you think of kids, but one SoFlo company says, not anymore! Grown-ups can feel young again, in their own adults-only, bounce house parties! Deco’s Alex Miranda has more.

Bounce houses…

Alesha François: “I miss being a kid so much, and this is a great experience.”

…are fun — period!

Heather Elliott, Bounce Bright: “A lot of people think this is just for children, but it’s totally for adults, too.”

Yeah! Who said we can’t defy gravity, too, albeit more cautiously?

Enter Bounce Bright.

Heather Elliott: “We specialize in inflatables and balloons, and we are all about spreading joy and bringing the party.”

And they’ve got your whole childhood covered.

Heather Elliott: “Specifically for adults, we love to bring in the nostalgia. The board games like Jenga, Twister — Twister is always a really fun one — and then also just the improvs and things to get dressed up and feel silly.”

And for their adults-only parties, go Bubble House or go home.

Heather Elliott: “The Bubble House that you see here today has completely gone viral. It has taken this industry by storm, and we really were the first to put it on the map.”

Wait. What is a Bubble House?

Heather Elliott: “It’s a large transparent, inflatable dome, and it was actually invented for glamping. But when you put balloons inside, it’s really fun. We can put any colors inside to match any party theme.”

Well, all adults’ favorite color is … green.

Heather Elliott: “We also love putting money inside the Bubble House and just watching people try to grab it. It’s hilarious.”

But then there’s the bounce house.

Heather Elliott: “They love it, even though they don’t remember how exhausted you get from jumping.”

Don’t really have to explain this one … just bounce!

Heather Elliott: “We do recommend that they take off their shoes before going inside the Bubble House or the bounce house.”

Alesha François: “You know, adulthood is crazy, so I just loved this experience to be 12 all over again, just for a moment.”

You hear that, kids? Enjoy your youth while you have it.

Heather Elliott: “It’s super fun just to reconnect with the things that we used to do as kids and just feel, you know, youthful again.”

Four-hour bounce house parties start at $200. Bubble House parties start at $600 for three hours. They each come with an attendant to assist you.

Heather Elliott: “They do not need to bring anything but themselves. We will bring everything that they need to enjoy and have fun.”

Bounce Bright will go anywhere you are. Props and additional time come with an extra charge.

For more info in Bounce Bright, click here.

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