Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 374: GOP 2024 Primary Debate; Breitbart’s Frances Martel on China and the BRICS Summit


Host Mike Slater previews tonight’s first 2024 GOP primary debate. Who will be there? Is it worth watching without the frontrunner present? Is the current format of televised debates useful? Slater breaks it down.

Our guest is Breitbart World Editor Frances Martel who has all the details on the BRICS summit underway in Johannesburg, South Africa. China hopes to expand the membership of this economic alliance with Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa. But will the other BRICS members push back? And will China succeed in wooing more countries to join when China’s own economy is in trouble?

The Breitbart News Daily Podcast runs Monday through Friday as a “Director’s Cut” of the SXM Patriot radio show hosted by Mike Slater.

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