Letters: Finally, Denver Broncos star of the ’70s and ’80s headed to Hall


Finally, Broncos star of the ’70s and ’80s headed to Hall

Re: “After 35-year wait, ex-Bronco Gradishar on doorstep of Canton,” Aug. 24 sports story

It’s a darn shame that so many of Randy Gradishar’s admirers who were old enough to have actually watched him play in the last century couldn’t live long enough to see the final crowning moment in his career, a belated, seemingly begrudged election to Football’s Hall of Fame. Now we can sit down and explain to our adult-with-families-of-their-own grandkids just what a marvelous player Randy was.

Harry Puncec, Lakewood

Road rage? No. These were good Samaritans

Despite our automatic local news stories filled with hate and violence, I would like to share a recent experience I had driving Denver streets.

Happily heading south on Colorado last Monday, I suddenly was harassed by a guy, the passenger in the car next to me, window down, screaming, “Get off the street! Pull over! Get out!” while shaking his fist. Of course, instincts (and fear) set in, and I ignored him and kept going. Then again, he was screaming and fist-waving from his car right at my driver’s window, now joined by someone else in another car. At this point, I had no choice. So, frightened, I pulled across the rush-hour traffic and into a nearby parking lot. This man followed me, jumped out of his car and raced over toward me, again fist shaking, yelling, “Now! Get out of your car now!” and then added, “Your car is on fire!”

It was true, flames dropping down under the engine to the pavement, totally engulfed. My now-hero and his wife continued to check on me and the car while guys from nearby shops came out with extinguishers and put out the fire. Of course, all was followed by myriad “thank you”s as my kids arrived to help, and my heroes went on their way.

In the craziness, I didn’t get any names or phone numbers, but the whole event was an experience of genuine care and kindness I shall never forget! Thank you all, wherever you are!

Christie G. Murata, Denver

Dear Mr. President,

Time to let go, Joe. Time to pass the torch. Pass it on to Pete, Amy or Cory. Pass it on.

David L Stevenson, Denver 

Cheers to BLM whistleblower

Re: “BLM whistleblower says illegal grazing ruining land,” Aug. 22 news story

I’m writing to voice my anger at the complete lack of managing the grazing on our lands and to commend Melissa Shawcroft, who has the integrity to stand up and plead for enforcement that has gone unchecked for years but ignored by the managing powers that be.

I remind them that our tax dollars pay their salaries. We, the people, depend on you to manage lands properly, follow the regulations and abide by them. This includes strict punishment and fines to those who illegally impact these lands. I’ve watched as our wildlife and lands parish further because of poor leadership. Round up the illegal cattle instead of the wild horses! We need actual management, but all I see is our tax dollars going to nothing but the destruction of our lands.

We are vastly losing our native plants and animals. Shawcroft deserves a raise! She deserves a promotion! She is what the BLM stands for.

Wake up and manage!

Susan Sturbaum, Arvada

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