Brother of Encanto shooting suspect talks to FOX 5


SAN DIEGO — A 78-year-old woman, dog and gunman are all dead after an Encanto shootout that forced a neighborhood evacuation.

Police responded to the 515 block of Iona Drive after neighbors say a 43-year-old son killed his mom on Monday evening. The brother of the shooting suspect has now identified the man as Jesse Nelson.

Police say the shooter has had a long history with violent crime, but it’s the motive in this mayhem that is puzzling family members and investigators.

The brother of the shooter told FOX 5 he and Jesse spent Monday night playing pool and drinking beers at Gilly’s, a bar in North Park. The brothers had a wonderful time and Jesse even told his brother he loved him.

As the two drove home separately Jesse’s brother says he pulled up to the house to see his mother shot by his brother, a dead dog and then Jesse shot at his brother. Neighbors say they were running for cover from the bullets.

“We couldn’t believe what was actually happening,” resident Jon Delmundo said.

After the San Diego Police Department evacuated the surrounding homes, the SWAT team stormed into end the shooter’s rampage. The barricade lasted for roughly two-and-a-half hours before the police say the gunman burned down his garage and then was shot and killed by the SWAT officers.

Jesse’s brother says he’s mourning the loss of his mother and the his only sibling. Investigators worry no motive will ever be found, but are trying to understand how a violent felon was about to amass a long rifle, shotgun and several hand guns.  

“You abuse your rights to carry a firearm, and we carry an illegal firearm, that’s where you need to be punished, we need to have the ability to take those guns off the street and punish those people and leave the people aren’t committing the crimes alone,” said Jared Wilson, the president of the San Diego Police Officers Union. 


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