California woman identified among those killed in Maui fires

(FOX40.COM) — A California woman has been identified among the victims of the West Maui Wildfire that began on Aug. 8, according to the Maui Police Department.

Theresa Cook, 72, was among eight people identified by the Maui Police Department on Tuesday to have died in the devastating fire. She is the first tourist to be identified among those killed.

Video above: Roseville Fire chief assisting in search and rescue efforts in Maui

As of Tuesday, 115 people have been confirmed to have died from the fires, 21 have been identified and their family has been notified and 22 have been identified but their family has not been located and notified.

The seven other people who were identified with Cook include:

•Clyde Wakida, 74, of Lahaina
•Todd Yamafuji, 68, of Lahaina
•Antonia Molina, 64, of Lahaina
•Freeman Tam Lung, 59, of Lahaina
•Joseph Schilling, 67, of Lahaina
•Narciso Baylosis Jr., 67, of Lahaina
•Vanessa Baylosis, 67, of Lahaina

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