Chicago police respond to ‘shooting incident’ at Guaranteed Rate Field during White Sox game


Chicago police reported a shooting at Guaranteed Rate Field during Friday night’s White Sox game and said more information would be forthcoming.

A police spokesperson on social media said a briefing would take place regarding a “shooting incident” but later said a written update would be circulated overnight. It was not immediately clear how many people were injured.

A spectator, Greg Mika, said he was seated in the left center field stands about four rows behind a young woman who received medical treatment to her leg below the knee and watched her walk away while speaking with medics.

The incident had occurred by the game’s third inning, he said, but fans were not asked to leave. He said authorities did clear out several rows in front of and behind where the woman had been seated.

The game was not interrupted despite the incident taking place yards from the outfield and the White Sox bullpen. The Sox lost to the Oakland A’s 12-4.

Mika, of the southwest suburbs, and his friends were unclear what happened to the woman. Despite speculation that she may have been injured from a bullet, Mika said his sense of safety at the game was not shaken. “No, not really,” he said, “because we’re not really sure what happened. We’re just hearing speculation.”

A scheduled postgame concert was canceled, according to an announcement posted on the stadium’s video scoreboard. “Due to technical issues, tonight’s postgame concert has been canceled,” it said, as fans booed.

The concert was billed as the “I Love the 90s Tour” and was to feature Vanilla Ice, Rob Base and Tone Loc.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.



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