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If anything has characterized the political campaign of Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey and current Republican presidential candidate, it is the attacks against former President Donald Trump.. And this Sunday Christie has again attacked the former Republican president.

In an interview on ABC’s “The Week,” Christie assured that nominating Trump as the Republican presidential candidate would mean “four more years of Joe Biden”, implying that the Republican Party would lose the general election again..

I think what this (Trump as a Republican candidate) means to people across the country is four more years of Joe Biden.Christie said in an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”

The former governor of New Jersey explained that four more years of Joe Biden’s administration could imply a reconfiguration of the Supreme Court, as well as the elimination of filibusters, “and much more.”

According to information from The Hill, Biden created, in 2021, a commission to examine the reform of the Supreme Court, which included studying the size of the court. Biden has suggested exceptions to eliminate filibustering from the Senate on issues like abortion and voting rights.

In addition, Christie said that Republican voters need to nominate a candidate who, in his opinion, “has shown that he can beat the Democratic incumbents.”.

“I was the only one on that stage who has done it,” Christie added. “And I will defeat Joe Biden if I get the nomination.”

Both Christie and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson were the only two Republican Debate presidential hopefuls who said they would not back Trump if he were the GOP nominee.

“It was really the most amazing part of the debate for me, the idea that most of my competitors believe that you can have a convict as our presidential candidate and they would back him and he could win. I think that’s impossibleChristie asserted.

Christie defended her answer during the debate, drawing boos from the audience. She later shrugged off the booing, saying “not all Republican primary voters” were in the debate.

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