Chris Christie says Trump’s “intolerant language” has given people “permission” to act the same

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, former New Jersey Gov. and 2024 Republican presidential candidate, Chris Christie, placed further blame on Donald Trump for a rise in intolerance, making a case that people acting hateful are just following his lead. 

“When you show intolerance toward everyone, which is what [Trump] does, you give permission as a leader for others to have their intolerance come out,” Christie said, adding that “Intolerance toward anyone encourages intolerance toward everyone.”

This echos recent statements from Christie made against Trump in his campaign against the current GOP frontrunner in which he also blamed him for an uprise in bigotry against Jews, as Politico points out. In an interview with The New York Times published earlier this month, Christie said, “I don’t think Trump’s an antisemite,” but added that the former president’s “intolerance of everybody” is “what’s contributed to” the surging bigotry.

“I think that there have been a lot of people who contributed to it,” Christie said Sunday. “I believe Donald Trump’s intolerant language and conduct gives others permission to act the same.”


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