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the ex-wife of Kevin Costner He asked to increase the support that the actor must pay for his children.

Christine Baumgartnermarried to the actor since 2004, until a few days ago, filed an application to raise child support from $129,000 a month to $175,000according to documents obtained by TMZ.

He claimed that he wants for his children the same lifestyle enjoyed by his father, who last month took them on vacation to Aspen: “It won’t be enough to replicate Kevin’s lifestyle, but it will provide a relatively comparable lifestyle for the kids.”indicates the request.

In addition, Baumgartner, 49, accused Costner, 68, of hiding evidence related to his business deals in the midst of their divorce, stating that during the last few years he had profits of more than $19 million dollars.

In July, a judge issued a provisional order for child support; it is temporary because an official hearing is expected in the coming months. Baumgartner had asked for nearly $250,000 a month, plus all school and medical expenses for their three children together: Cayden, 16; Hayes, 14, and Gracia, 13.

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