Claire McCaskill Exposes How Trump’s ‘Cancer’ Has Turned GOP Donors Into Suckers


Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) said some of Donald Trump’s worst fundraising tactics are being adopted by other Republican politicians and causes.

“It’s a cancer that’s spread,” she told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday, then described fundraising emails for a Republican candidate in Missouri named Bill Eigel that “echo” Trump’s message and repeat many of the former president’s claims.

“It reads like it’s Trump,” she said. “In the very fine print at the bottom, it says it’s for Bill Eigel.”

Donors seem to think it’s from Trump.

“She’s on a fixed income and doesn’t even know who Bill Eigel is,” she said. “So not only is Trump doing this, but now the rest of the Republican Party is emulating him to commit fraud against these small donors.”

This approach, she said, is now the “lifeblood” of the GOP.

“Small donors, who are being lied to, who are being suckered into giving money,” she said. “It’s a serious disease, the cancer has spread, and the only way I think it gets solved is for some of these people to go to jail, in prison, period.”

See the full conversation from MSNBC below:


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