Clarissa Molina Talks About The End Of Her Commitment To Vicente Saavedra: “Today We Are Here And Tomorrow We Don’t Know What Will Happen To Us” | The USA Print – THE USA PRINT

Clarissa Molina a few weeks ago confirmed what was an open secret: the end of his commitment to Vicente Saavedra, with whom he was expected to walk down the aisle in 2023.

The model, actress and television presenter released the news after many months of rumors and now talks about what it means to her to have ended that romance with the man who had proposed to her last year.

In an interview for ¡HOLA! magazine, The Dominican tells how she is living this season of her life after having diluted her courtship and commitment.

“I can tell you that I am really enjoying this time where I can rewrite my story as I want. So I think this advantage of having the opportunity to rewrite your story is very important. There are people who stay with me in my heart forever, who will always be there; but the paths take us to different, future destinations and nothing… I think we must move forward”, says the young reporter from ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’.

Clarissa Molina also points out everything she learned during the process and highlights that she now knows much more than before, that she knows that she should not make plans and that she always wants to open the doors of love.

“I promise you that I have learned so much and it is so simple… today we are here and tomorrow we do not know what will happen to us. There are many little drawers in your heart and in your feelings, you can open the one you want… Shall I open the one of hate, do I open the one of resentment? Let them close because I don’t need them. I want to open the one of love, the one of empathy, the one of respect, to move forward with positivity, those little boxes are the ones that I am trying to keep open”, says the Dominican.

He also talks about those who have been his fundamental support in this process that he has had to face. His family, friends and his work team have played a great role in this stage of Molina’s life. And even his dog.

“They have definitely been my support group and they have not even broached the subject, just giving me love, doing things around, clearing my mind, keeping me busy.. I think I’ve gotten pretty attached at work, doing what I like, taking advantage of my free time now and putting my ideas together in that ‘ok, I have to restart the Clarissa project’ that like who says, it got a little slow and now we are going to enter the Clarissa Molina project one hundred percent strong and of course always hand in hand with the people who give me pure love and from the heart ”.

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