Cold cases remembered in Saratoga County


SARATOGA COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -The homicides of Jennifer Hammond and Christina White happened in the area of Milton in the 2000s. Around twenty years later, the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Offices is still looking to identify the people who caused the crimes.

Matthew Robinson acts as the investigator for the two deaths. All the original evidence still on file. “We never really stop working on them. As we can generate any information, we’ll go out and see if we can go anywhere with it. We’ll look at financial and security records. Keep in mind we are talking about 2003 and 2005, so technology wasn’t as pervasive in everyone’s lives as it is now.”

Cold cases even older such as that of Pam Devizzio also still considered. Pam’s sister, Tina Devizzio Colamaria, responding to NEWS10 with the following statement:

“I have been praying for the past 35 years that some of those questions would be answered, but nothing has happened yet. I will continue to pray and hope that some day my family and I will have our questions answered and justice will be served.”

For families like theses three, investigators in Saratoga County will keep looking for leads. “We are going to keep working on them because they’re extremely important cases. There are families who are missing loved ones and they are serious incidents. These are not minor issues,” explained Robinson.


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