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Several months have passed since the state Assembly and Senate approved the bill Fair Access to Compensation for Crime Victimsbut the regulations have not yet become law and are still in the drawer of the Governor Kathy Hochulso crime survivors in New York urged her to get the initiative going.

Through a protest in front of the headquarters of the Governorate In New York State, dozens of protesters demanded that Governor Hochul sign the new law so that it can begin to be implemented. The president has until next December to give it free rein or runs the risk of staying up in the air.

In his call, led by the common justice coalitionmore than 50 crime survivors, families of victims and New York leaders warned that the regulation approved by Albany is of vital importance for those individuals and families of those who have been subjected to crimes to be able to access a state-funded program that would grant them compensation.

The Fair Access to Compensation Act authorizes reimbursement for costs associated with damage suffered by victims, including medical bills, temporary housing, and funeral expenses.

“The Governor Hochul understand the importance of this topic. He also understands that most New Yorkers don’t even know this funding exists. That’s why we’ve launched a statewide coalition with Moms Demand Action, RAPP, Katal and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.” Marquis Jenkinsdirector Common Justice, who stressed that the call for the signing of the protection law not to be delayed any longer, comes just when Governor Hochul launched a statewide campaign to raise awareness about the resources available to crime victims, showing that it is on the same page with their demands.

Advocates for vulnerable communities, who also took similar actions in Buffalo to demand more support for crime survivors, including domestic violence, they insisted that the legislation they advocate for would make the funds more accessible to New Yorkers, especially Black and Latino, undocumented and LGBTQ+ victims.

Nearly 50% of black victims are denied compensation for not cooperating with authorities. This is not due to any fault of yours. This is due to the generational cycles of traumatic experiences they have had with police officers and authorities,” he said. Xenia Barnesco-founder of the Melquain Jatelle Anderson Foundation, in honor of her nephew lost to gun violence in 2017.

During the demonstration at the Governor’s office, some of those present made special emphasis on the havoc that crimes such as domestic violence cause daily in New York, not only for the victims but also for their families, and mentioned that giving the green light to compensation legislation is a necessary and urgent act.

“I urge you to join us, Governor Hochul, join us in honoring our people by signing the Fair Access to Victim Compensation. This is a racial and social problem, and you know it,” said Kilsy Hidalgo, founder of the organization Long Live Our Butterfly.

Survivors of crimes ask Governor Hochul to give way to the law that grants compensation to victims.
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All survivors deserve fair and equal access to healing. The relatives of the victims who are no longer here, we must focus on healing. Help us to help ourselves, our community and our future”, mentioned the leader, who experienced firsthand the ravages of domestic violence in the case of her sister. Ramona Elizabeth Rodriguez.

solomon acevedoDeputy Public Defender for Justice, Health and Safety, questioned the state president for not having already signed the aid law, especially when Hochul has made it clear that he supports crime victims and protection programs.

“The governor has defended this for many months, so, what is the delay? Why are we waiting? This is something that must happen today,” said the community leader. “Domestic violence survivors need this protection and that is why we are again asking the Governor to sign the bill into law. Stop wasting our time and stop hurting other New Yorkers.”

The protesters concluded their day by calling on the Governor to sign the bill now that she is about to turn 65, as a gift to her and to New Yorkers.

Let’s stop the cycles of violence in New York for his birthday this year,” they said. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Sign our bill to help survivors. We brought it directly to you!”

The state president has not referred to the protesters’ request yet.


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