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A few hours ago the unfortunate news was announced that actor Michael Gambon had died at the age of 82. His family announced that the interpreter suffered pneumonia that seriously affected his health and he could not recover. Although he participated in many films and theater productions, Gambon is best remembered for his work in the Harry Potter saga where he played Albus Dumbledore, the protagonist’s mentor. As expected, the cast has already reacted to this painful loss.

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Michael Gambon gave new life to Albus Dumbledore

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the Harry Potter cast react to the death of Michael Gambon80% and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the Harry Potter cast react to the death of Michael Gambon82%, the role of Dumbledore was left in the hands of Richard Harris, who played it in a more traditional and passive way. Unfortunately, the actor died and the production was forced to find a new member to replace him in the saga that even then had the ambition of adapting all the novels thanks to the success of the first installments. After much discussion and reviewing various options, it was decided that Gambon was right for the role, although fans had some reservations at first.

The actor first appeared as Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the Harry Potter cast react to the death of Michael Gambon91%, and instead of following the same interpretation of Harris, more subtle, almost fragile, Gambon gave Dumbledore a different power with which the character felt more imposing and strong, reaffirming his place as headmaster of Hogwarts. At first, viewers were not very happy, but as Alfonso Cuarón’s film gave a necessary twist to adaptations, the actor eventually won the affection of fans.

Michael Gambon in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Source: IMDb)
Michael Gambon in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Source: IMDb)

After several installments, and knowing the end of the story, many fans reconsidered Gambon’s work and admitted that it worked very well for the new pace of adaptations, and to highlight that there were many secrets to know about Albus Dumbledore’s past. Although the character was left in the hands of Jude Law in the prequels, fans still fondly remember him. Michael Gambonwho beyond Harry Potter worked with renowned directors such as Robert Altman, Tim Burton, Xavier Dolan and Stephen Frears, among many others.

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Harry Potter cast remembers Michael Gambon

Shortly after the news about her death was announced, the cast of Harry Potter, as well as JK Rowling herself, reacted to the event and in various ways made their emotions known about it. Daniel Radcliffe sent a statement (via Variety), where he recalled the talent and teachings of the actor who was also a mentor behind the cameras:

With the loss of Michael Gambon, the world just became considerably less fun. Michael Gambon was one of the most brilliant and down-to-earth actors I have ever had the privilege of working with, but despite his immense talent, what I will remember most about him was how much fun he had doing his job. He was goofy, irreverent and hilarious. She loved his work, but never seemed to define herself by it. He was an incredible teller of stories and jokes and his habit of blurring the lines between fact and fiction when he spoke to journalists meant that he was also one of the most entertaining people one could wish to do a press conference with.

The sixth film was where I spent the most time working with Michael and he made the hours we spent together in front of a green screen more memorable and joyful than they had any right to be. I am very sad to hear that he passed away, but I am very grateful that I was one of the lucky people who was able to work with him.

The rest of the cast published about the news on their respective social networks. Rowling, for example, recalled the admiration she felt for her work:

I just heard the terrible news about Michael Gambon. The first time I saw him was in King Lear in 1982, and if you had told me that this brilliant actor would appear in anything I wrote, I would have thought you were crazy. Michael was a wonderful man, as well as an exceptional actor, and I loved working with him, not only on Potter but also on The Casual Vacancy. My deepest condolences to Michael’s family and everyone who loved him.

Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the saga, shared:

I am very sad to hear about Michael. He brought a lot of warmth and mischief to every day on set. He captivated me when he was a child and became a personal model for me for finding the fun and eccentricities in life. Sending all my love to his family, Rupert.

Emma Watson also shared a short message on her Instagram stories:

Tender, tender, tender Michael Gambon. You never took him seriously, but somehow you delivered the most important moments with complete seriousness. Thank you for showing us what it looks like to wear greatness lightly. We will miss you.

Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the Harry Potter cast react to the death of Michael Gambon

Jason Isaacs, best known for playing Lucius Malfoy, posted:

The magnificent Michael Gambon has passed away. I learned what acting could be from Michael in The Singing Detective: complex, vulnerable and completely human. The biggest thrill of being in the Potter movies was that he knew my name and I shared his fearless, dirty sense of fun with me.

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