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Miami likes it hot, hot hot.

From the temperature to the clothes to the food.

And it’s no secret that a big part of the restaurant scene in the 305 happens to have a lot of Latin flare.

Now for Hispanic Heritage Month, you can enjoy the tastes of different Latin countries all at a special price for Latin restaurant weeks.

Add a little sazon to your dine-out plans at Miami’s fourth Latin restaurant weeks.

Aymara Lucero: “Latin Restaurants Weeks is a way for the communities to come together to support the Latin-owned businesses that we have here. We have so many different chefs trying fusion, we pretty much represent every country in South America and Latin America.”

And this year, over 70 restaurants and food spots are ready to give you a taste of their Latin roots.

Aymara Lucero: “It goes to food trucks to bakeries, pop-ups, even fine dining.”

Better grab your passport because Pisco y Nazca Is taking you to Peruvian flavor town.

Marco Diaz: “We’re offering three prefix menus, our brunch, lunch, and dinner. Which all offer an entree, appetizer, and a dessert.”

Choosing when to eat won’t be the only challenge here…

Marco Diaz: “Some of the favorites I see ordered for brunch is the avocado toast, chaffa de pollo, and a juanaso brownie. Some of my favorites for lunch are the caosa crocante, pollo saltado, and the suspiro.”

A suspiro is a classic Peruvian custard dessert topped with cinnamon.

Marco Diaz: “For dinner, we offer our Peruvian classics, which are a ceviche mixto, ahi de gallina, and the palla de limon. And dinner also served with a pisco sour.”

You can’t go wrong with one of their pisco sours, but with three different flavors, it can be hard to choose. But you don’t have to.

Marco Diaz: “We offer a flight which is a good option because you can try all three.”

How about a quick trip south of the border, over at Tacology?

Diego Nava: “We have the best tacos in Miami without a doubt, our food quality is over the top, and our place is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Miami as well.”

They’ll have you talkin’ tacos for days.

Diego Nava: “Tacology will be serving a Tacology combo, which is guac and chips, and three tacos of your choice of protein.”

Or stop by for happy hour for a little extra fun.

Diego Nava: “For happy hour we’ll serve a classic margarita, Mexican beer, lager, red wine, white wine, and a sparkling wine.”

You can’t go wrong with Cuban cuisine over at Havana Harry’s.

Diego Solano: “Havana Harry’s has been a staple restaurant in Miami serving traditional Cuban cuisine for over 28 years.”

They’re not serving up one menu… But two.

Diego Solano: “We have two prefix menus, lunch and dinner. For lunch, we’re offering mariquitas, tres vaca fritas, and cuatro leches.”

Or try a Cuban classic like arroz imperial or croquetas. But for dinner…

Diego Solano: “I would recommend the ceviche which is refreshing for the summer. We have a churrasco, and we also have a flan de coco.”

You know what pairs well with flan… One of their signature cocktails.

Diego Solano: “Our favorite, the mojito, is very traditional from Cuba, and we also have a le jeune mule.”

Miami Latin Restaurant Weeks runs from Sept. 15 to Sept. 29 in participating restaurants.

Miami Latin Restaurant Weeks

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