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First have a look at Brandy and Heather Graham’s Netflix Christmas film – Latest trending news | Hot Celebrities News

Netflix has released an official first look at Brandy and Heather Graham in the their upcoming Christmas movie Best. Christmas. Ever!.

Brandy stars in the festive outing as Jackie, who writes a letter to her old college bestie Charlotte (Graham) gloating about how perfect her life is every Christmas (via Deadline).

When Charlotte and her family find themselves on Jackie’s doorstep just days before Christmas, she seizes the opportunity to prove that Jackie’s life isn’t as perfect as she makes it out be.

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However, after Charlotte’s excessive attempts to expose Jackie nearly spoil the holiday for both families, the frenemies band together to make it the best Christmas ever.

The film also stars Jason Biggs and Matt Cedeño as Charlotte and Jackie’s husbands, Rob and Valentino, with Madison Skye Validum, Wyatt Hunt and Abby Villasmil rounding out the cast.

Best. Christmas. Ever! is directed by Mary Lambert, while Charles Shyer and Todd Calgi Gallicano wrote the script.

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Brandy, who famously played the titular princess in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, will step back into her glass slippers for the upcoming Disney+ movie Descendants: Rise of Red. Paolo Montalban will also reprise his role as Prince Charming.

The film follows Red (the rebellious daughter of the Queen of Hearts, played by Kylie Cantrall) and Chloe (the perfectionist daughter of Cinderella, played by Malia Baker) as they join forces and travel back in time to reverse the Queen of Hearts’ (Rita Ora) conquest of Auradon.

China Anne McClain, Dara Reneé, Ruby Rose Turner, Morgan Dudley, Joshua Colley and Sam Morelos have also been cast in the movie.

Best. Christmas. Ever! arrives on Netflix on November 16. Descendants: Rise of Red will air on Disney+.


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