Governor votes on best food truck at state fair


DENVER (KDVR) — Eat like the governor and try out his favorite dish from the state fair this year.

Gov. Jared Polis and attendees taste-tested the six dishes provided at the third annual Governor’s Plate Competition at the Colorado State Fair. Stoke Pizza was picked as the favorite food truck.

Stoke Pizza served up a wood-fired chorizo, elote and green chile pizza which won the Golden Plate award.

Six food trucks competed in the competition. To enter the competition, the competing trucks had to be registered as “Colorado Proud,” which means all the ingredients used in the dish were made in Colorado.

“The Governor’s Plate competition is the best chance to taste some of the most delicious Colorado Proud ingredients from talented Colorado chefs. This fun event, and really the entire State Fair, is a celebration of Colorado agriculture and all the delicious foods produced here,” said Polis.

Stokes Pizza’s ingredients included flour from Boulder, cheese from Springside Cheese Shop in Pueblo and green chiles, onions and jalapenos from Musso Farms in Pueblo. 

Among the other competitors, Papa Mario’s Grilled Cheese was chosen as the People’s Choice winner for the third year in a row. It served the Tiff Special, which is a roast beef sandwich that comes with onions, green chile, and jalapeños from Musso Farms in Pueblo.

Other food trucks served apple pie, sliders, samosa and a plant-based French dip sandwich. Every single ingredient from the food trucks came from Colorado, even the plant-based seitan from Grateful Planet Foods came from Lakewood.

The state fair is still holding events until Labor Day. Check out the final events before the fair is over.


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