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GWAR Vocalist Claims Rob Zombie Owes His Entire Career to Them – Latest Celebrity News, Entertainment News & Gossip

Metal Hammer just dropped an old interview with Dave Brockie online. The GWAR vocalist talked to the magazine a few months before he passed away and revealed Rob Zombie as his biggest enemy:

“I guess Rob Zombie hates my guts… All I said is that in ‘Lords Of Salem,’ he’d have done a lot better to get an actress rather than his wife. Sure, she’s hot, but she couldn’t act her way through a snotty tissue. So, he got all b*tt-hurt and took money out of my pocket by cancelling a show a few weeks before it was due to happen.”

The singer claimed that his comments got GWAR kicked off a festival date with the ‘Halloween’ director. He shot back with:

“You know what Rob, your wife can’t act, and you’re not much of a director either. Considering you owe everything you’ve got to GWAR, go f*ck yourself.”

His Band Inspired Zombie

Dave Brockie bragged in 2012 that GWAR made the most ‘shocking’ music ever. The frontman said the band influenced Zombie and others like Marilyn Manson.

He gave a Rob Zombie quote as proof and explained:

“I have a direct quote from Rob Zombie about GWAR when he was figuring out what he wanted to do with his career. They asked him, ‘Hey, what do you think of them?’ and he said, ‘The first time I saw GWAR, I thought “I want to be that, but I want to make money.”’ That, to me, says a lot about Rob Zombie as an artist. It says that he isn’t one.”

Brockie’s words went on:

“I give Manson a little more credit. He has a strand of pure obnoxiousness in him. I heard a story, some girl tried to get his signature and he hocked a huge bloody loogie. ‘There’s my signature.’ Rob Zombie is a tired, G-Rated mishmash of other people’s styles.”

The GWAR singer died from a heroin overdose on March 23, 2014.

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