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Taking a fancy trip to the Mediterranean can be expensive, especially when you start adding up all the good food you wanna try while there. That’s why Deco has found the next best thing. There’s a new restaurant that’s bringing those bold and authentic flavors to the Magic City. Trust us, your stomach is gonna thank you for this.

You’ve probably heard of Esmeralda from Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Kevin Kline (as Phoebus, voice): “You fight almost as well as a man.”

Demi Moore (as Esmeralda, voice): “Funny, I was going to say the same thing about you.”

Or perhaps Shakira’s old school bop, “Gypsy.”

Shakira (singing): “‘Cause I’m a gypsy. Are you coming with me? I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me.”

But your taste buds are about to go on a culinary journey, because celebrity chef David Myers, aka the Gypsy Chef, is setting up shop in SoFlo.

Chef David Myers: “Travel is my greatest source of inspiration, so that is how I create, and then I cook based on that.”

David’s got restaurants in Los Angeles and all over Asia, but Adrift Mare is his first ever restaurant on the East Coast.

And lucky for us, it’s right here at the Hotel AKA Brickell.

Chef David Myers: “I’m super excited to be here in Miami to launch our very first Adrift Mare. It’s a coastal city, which really fits in with our Mediterranean style of cuisine. The excitement that guests have for food here — it’s a foodie town, so it fits right in for what we do.”

At this restaurant, it’s all about fresh flavors.

Chef David Myers: “The food here, I think, is really focused around the very best seafood, the very best seasonal produce that we can get. Olive oil influenced, because of the health benefits of that.”

We’re talking dishes like the falafel and kale salad with hummus, and the heirloom tomatoes with burrata.

Chef David Myers: “We basically slice them super thin, serve them burrata and a tomato water with puffed quinoa grain. It’s light, it’s vibrant, and to me, it just screams of Mediterranean flavors.”

And, if you’re feeling fishy, you can’t go wrong with the tuna with black truffle.

Brooke Keith: “I think the tuna is probably one of the best dishes on the menu. I got to try everyone else’s, but I think the tuna is like the spotlight dish here.”

And, when it comes to dynamic duos…

Chef David Myers: “Mussels and clams, cooked with a little bit of Fresno chili butter and some white wine.”

Aryelle Berman: “The mussels were fantastic. It has a little kick to the sauce, but it was just right, it wasn’t too spicy. Really great food all around.”

Adrift Mare isn’t just dishing out fantastic food. This place is also serving up a view that can’t be beat.

Chef David Myers: “It’s also great to go out on the patio, have a cocktail, look out over it. I mean, to me, this is the best of Miami living.”

Adrift Mare
1395 Brickell Ave., 25th floor
Miami, FL 33131

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