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Hear New Songs From Corey Taylor And Serj Tankian As Guest Singers – Latest Celebrity News, Entertainment News & Gossip

Corey Taylor and Serj Tankian joined other acts for two new tracks.

Flat Black released the song ‘Nothing To Some’ on March 22, and it features the Slipknot vocalist. This song will be on the band’s debut album, coming out later this year through Fearless Records.

Jason Hook and Chris Collier co-produced the single and the album. They recorded ‘Nothing To Some’ with Taylor at Hook’s home studio and The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas. Hook shared his thoughts about having a guest singer on the track:

“‘Nothing To Some’ features the brutal and unapologetic Corey Taylor. This guy is a bottomless pit of creativity and delivered a vocal that perfectly matched what I wanted for this track. The guitar solo is unique on the album in the way that I let it rip with no rhythm guitars underneath. Now that I’m in a one-guitar band, I could strip it down and let it be as raw as Corey is on the vocal track.”

The ex-Five Finger Death Punch guitarist revealed the collaboration to Loudwire Nights in August. He said they wrote five songs together since 2020 and explained:

“When it came time to put the Flat Black record together, I asked Corey, ‘Would you be okay if I used one of the songs?’ So, Corey is on the record. He’s the only guest on the record.”

Tankian Joins McCreary

Bear McCreary came out with a new single from his upcoming project ‘The Singularity’ a few hours before Flat Black. Producer Forrester Savell mixed the song, ‘Incinerator,’ and Serj Tankian sang the vocals.

McCreary’s thoughts on the System Of A Down singer’s vocals read:

“Once I heard Serj’s searing vocals, I knew immediately that ‘Incinerator’ would be the first song on the album, acting like a warning that a massive, aggressive, and emotional journey lay ahead.”

Tankian added:

“When I got the music, when I got this song specifically, I was blown away. It’s explosive.”

‘The Singularity’ comes out on Friday, May 10, through Shadows & Sparks Records and Mutant. It will be available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats.

Image Comics and Black Market Narrative will later publish a graphic novel related to the album. There’s also a concert planned at The Fonda Theatre.

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