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A heat wave of more than 92° F is expected to swelter through New York City residents this week, starting Monday on Labor Day, which could trigger temperature recordsthe meteorologists reported.

The Big Apple will likely peak at 92-94°F starting this Monday through Thursdayexplained meteorologist Cody Braud.

Although highs expected to be near 92°F on Labor Day, heat may pick up after record set on September 4, 2018when the temperature reached 93° F at the LaGuardia, Queens airport and 95° F at the Newark, New Jersey airport, the meteorologist added.

“There will be a chance that some nearby cities, maybe New York, will experience record heat with this,” Braud said. “We could break a daily high temperature record.”

However, the specialist said that the heat should not prevent residents from doing their planned activities.

“I mean, right now it’s going to be a really nice day,” he said. “That’s not dangerous heat by any means. You just have to make sure you have sunscreen and take the normal precautions that you would take during a normal summer day.”.

The extreme heat that is expected for this week in New York already devastated several parts of the country last August.

“This is the same heat wave that the central part of the country and the south experienced for most of (August),” Braud said. “This big ridge, we call it a heat dome, which has been sitting over the central part of the country, will move east in the next few days.”

According to the meteorologist, this week will not be as hot as it was at the end of July, when intense heat lashed New York City for three daysincluding one day when the temperature made it feel like it was in triple figures.

By comparison, the heat is only expected to approach 98° F this week, but the high temperatures may continue for at least another day.according to Braud.

“Don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to feel very good outside for those two days,” Braud said. “It’s, you know, the heat that catches the city off guard for the next few days, especially since it’s been so nice.”

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