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We’ve seen our fair share of prime ministers, from the likes of Winston Churchill to Margaret Thatcher. But now get ready for the story of Golda Meir, Israel’s prime minister back in the ’70s. In the upcoming biopic, we learn all about the woman who led her country through the Yom Kippur War.

Helen Mirren (as Golda Meir): “Today, the Egyptian and Syrian armies launched an offensive against Israel.”

Helen Mirren stars as Golda Meir in the film “Golda,” based on the Israeli prime minister who led the country through the Yom Kippur War.

Daniel Ben Zenou (as Avner Shalev): “The Egyptians have fired a cruise missile at Tel Aviv.”

Helen Mirren (as Golda Meir): “Well, I’m not going to get under the table, but don’t let me stop you.”

Director Guy Nattiv says it’s not your average biopic.

Guy Nattiv: “You will need probably a nine-part miniseries in order to cover everything that Golda went through.”

Helen Mirren (as Golda Meir): “In my day, they stood for the prime minister.”

Character in “Golda”: “Secretary Kissinger is on the line.”

Liev Schreiber (as Henry Kissinger): Remember that I am first an American, second I am secretary of the state.”

The film focuses heavily on her role during the 1973 war and the suffering israel went through in its early days.

Helen Mirren (as Golda Meir): “If the Arabs reach Tel Aviv, Israel will be wiped off the map.”

Guy Nattiv: “It’s kind of a requiem for a leader, you know what I mean? Because that’s her downfall.”

Character in “Golda”: “Do you know how many people died?”

Helen Mirren (as Golda Meir): “All those boys — I will carry that pain to my grave.”

Guy was excited to work with Helen, who has long ties to Israel and has played Jewish characters in the past.

Helen Mirren (as Golda Meir): “We will keep fighting for a guarantee of life … and peace.”

Guy Nattiv: “When I met her, I felt like I’m meeting my mom, basically, like I’m meeting somebody who is a family member, you know, because she knows about Israel and Golda so much.”

Helen Mirren (as Golda Meir): “When I was a child in Ukraine, they would beat Jews to death in the street for fun. I’m not that little girl hiding in the cellar.”

“Golda” opens in theaters on Friday.

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