How Ezekiel Elliott sees his role with Rhamondre Stevenson in Patriots’ backfield

FOXBORO — Ezekiel Elliott hadn’t participated in a football practice for over seven months before signing with the Patriots last week, so he had a lot of bottled-up energy.

That helps explain why he’s “bringing juice to the practices,” as starting quarterback Mac Jones said on WEEI’s “Jones and Mego with Arcand” program this week. Elliott was firing up teammates on the sideline during joint practices with the Packers in Green Bay last week when he had only signed with the team the previous day. The organization was impressed with the immediate energy he brought on Day 1.

“I think I missed the first 17 practices of camp,” Elliott said. “So, I thought I definitely should come in and be a little energizer boost. The transition has been good. I’ve been getting along with the team. I love the coaches. I love this atmosphere. I love this program. Just having fun.”

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