India Lands Chandrayaan-3 Spacecraft on Moon’s South Pole


India’s boldly gone the place no different nation has — touchdown a spacecraft, the Chandrayaan-3, on the moon’s south pole, and turning into solely the 4th nation to realize lunar success.

The Indian House Analysis Organisation’s mission management erupted in cheers because the unmanned Chyandrayaan-3 softly touched down on the moon’s south pole Wednesday morning … marking a profitable finish to a greater than month-long mission.

India’s now earned its Moon Card, together with the U.S., Russia and China — though, solely America’s landed manned missions there.

One factor the ISRO has on nearly each different lunar mission is value, ‘trigger they actually did it on a budget. India’s price range for all the mission is a paltry $75 million … an quantity that pales compared to the budgets of a number of Hollywood motion pictures about area exploration!!!

The Chandrayaan-3 touchdown on the moon’s south pole is a giant deal as a result of traces of ice had been just lately found there … so the ISRO is hoping to discover the realm for water that may very well be used to gasoline future spacecraft.

One one that in all probability is not cheering India’s lunar success is Vladimir Putin — Russia tried to land its personal spacecraft on the moon only a few days in the past, but it surely spun uncontrolled and crashed into the floor.


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