Jesse Watters Compliments Trump’s Mug Shot: ‘He Looks Good And He Looks Hard’


The image was released Thursday after Trump turned himself in to Georgia’s Fulton County Jail on charges stemming from efforts to alter the state’s 2020 presidential election results.

Watters joked about wanting to hire the jail’s photographer for his Christmas card because of how good he thought Trump looked.

“I say this with an unblemished record of heterosexuality: He looks good and he looks hard,” said Watters.

In another appearance on the network, Watters referred to Joe Biden’s “handsome guy” reaction to the mug shot, calling it the first time that the Democratic president had “told the truth.”

“It’s a handsome mug shot. My wife says he looks fierce. He looks hard, but he doesn’t look scared, does he? Doesn’t look humiliated. He looks exactly the opposite of how the left thought he’d look,” Watters said.

Users on X (formerly Twitter) reacted to the “unblemished record” clip, with one simply writing, “Stupidest time to be alive.”


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