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AEW produced the Texas Chainsaw Massacre match during Dynamite last week. That match included a ton of gimmicks and certainly brought the company a lot of attention.

Unfortunately, not all of that attention has been overwhelmingly positive.

Jim Cornette expressed his dissatisfaction with AEW’s recent cross-promotional match with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Dynamite. He claimed it was one of the creepiest spectacles he had ever witnessed.

This match took place during the Fight for the Fallen edition of AEW Dynamite on August 16, with Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy facing off. There was fake blood and Leatherface even made an appearance.

Jim Cornette made it very clear that he was not satisfied and He shared his candid thoughts.

“So this is one of the most untrue and embarrassing things to ever appear on any wrestling television show. I’m embarrassed that Jeff Jarrett was involved, who apparently still needs this badly, Jeff dammit.

“It has been in business since 1986, 37 years. But he needs a job enough to willingly get involved in this and there was one legitimate talent in this whole fiasco, Jay Lethal. And think about the things you might be doing and the struggles you might be having at your company.

And he’s as hidden as Sonjay Dutt in a group of pranksters. I can believe everyone else in this thought that it was a great thing except for Jeff Jarrett and I know Jay Lethal knows it’s rubbish. But he has no other choice.”

Fans may have received the Texas Chainsaw Massacre match in different ways, but Jim Cornette has no qualms about expressing his feelings about it. AEW spawned six figures as promotional pay for that match.

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