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The world of entertainment is once again shaken by a topic that has been seen a lot since the beginning of 2023, and that is it is about separations, such would be the case of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, who were married some time ago and as a result of the love they felt one day they had children.

This weekend a source close to the TMZ medium stated that they revealed that they will separate legally, and it is that apparently the former Disney star would have made the staff who work for him look for at least two lawyers who specialize in divorces and that they were also residing in Los Angeles, this being how he would put an end to his love with the actress.

The singer Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were joined by love in 2016. / Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.

The portal also mentioned that the husband’s partner seems to have not had a good time in recent months. Thus, They described it as “serious problems”. Product of the love that one day existed between them, they had two children and it is that he would be the one who is in charge of their care “practically all the time.”

Joe would be aware of the little ones at all timesthis includes when he was on tour with the other musicians. In addition, both are with him in the United States.

However, they have not shown signs that things between them were bad, because they have not stopped going to public places together, quite the contrary, although It has not been an impediment for Jonas to be on the street without his wedding ring.

How did the love between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner begin?

The love that united both stars was in 2016and a year later they made the determination to get engaged, although it was not until 2019 when they got married with a very Las Vegas theme.

The actress Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas waiting for the arrival of the second member of the family. / Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.

In 2020 they had their first child, while in 2022 they welcomed another member of the family who is now suffering from a breakup. In turn, TMZ highlighted that he sought a way to communicate with their representatives, but so far they have not received a positive response.

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