Joy Reid Exposes ‘Creatively Racist’ Fox News Spin On Trump Arrest


MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Tuesday ripped right-wing claims that Donald Trump “being an accused felon has broadened his appeal with Black voters.”

Fox News’ Jesse Watters and others have suggested Trump’s mug shot — released after the former president’s arrest in the Georgia election racketeering case — had “unintentionally created a bond between Donald Trump and Black Americans.”

Reid vehemently disagreed.

“The idea that Black people, simply because he was arrested, are going to gravitate toward him … it’s almost so creatively racist that I’m almost impressed that they have all come up with this, and on Fox, this is their new talking point,” she told civil rights activist, the Rev. Al Sharpton.

“They think Black people like criminals, and that’s what they think of Black folk,” Reid continued.

“Well, it is part of the criminalization of Blacks,” Sharpton replied. “They see all Blacks as criminals, and they feel that we all will in a knee-jerk way go with criminals. No, we go with those that we feel are falsely being criminalized and tried and cannot defend themselves.”


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