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Justified: City Primeval spoilers follow.

Justified: City Primeval boss Michael Dinner has opened up about the return of an original character from Justified — Walton Goggins’ Boyd Crowder.

In the season finale of Justified: City Primeval, which stars Timothy Olyphant, Goggins showed up orchestrating a prison escape – marking his first appearance as Boyd since Justified ended in 2015.

In a new interview with TV Line, Dinner explained how and why this surprise appearance came about: “Here is the thing – we did it for fun.”

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He added: “What we didn’t want to do is have the scene where Raylan ‘can’t understand’ Mansell, so in the middle of the episodes he goes to talk to ‘the Hannibal Lecter character’ [Boyd]… to say, ‘I don’t understand the bad guy! Tell me about him!’”

Dinner said that his co-showrunner, David Andron, pitched him the idea as: “It’s the elephant in the room, everybody’s gonna be wondering, ‘Where’s Walton?’ So let’s just do it and have fun with it at the end.’

“That was the intention.”

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“We then sent it to Walton, and he loved it,” Dinner continued. “He was actually the first one to say, ‘Well, you know… if we have a good time… he’s out there in the world, isn’t he? We can always do another rodeo.’

“It was so great to have him back. And with both him and Tim, I think their performances are fantastic. I feel with both of them that they’re 10 years down the road and that there’s a maturity in the characters, where it wasn’t just picking up where we left off.

“There’s a lot of road beneath their feet. But just seeing [Walton] do this again, and seeing the character after spending time in prison, it was a ball.”

Boyd wasn’t the only character who made a surprise return in the finale, with star Natalie Zea also reprising the role of Winona in the episode’s final moments.

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