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WARNING: This story contains distressing details.

A TikToker, a university student and a teenager are among the more than 110 lives cut short in multiple countries, allegedly linked to Kenneth Law.

The Toronto-area man was arrested in May after Peel Regional Police investigated two local deaths. On Aug. 29, more charges were laid, and Law now faces 14 counts of counselling or aiding suicide in Ontario. Police allege Law, 57, operated websites selling a potentially lethal substance and other suicide paraphernalia to at-risk clients.

British police revealed that they had identified 232 people, 88 of whom had died, who bought products from Canadian-based websites allegedly linked to Law and that they’re investigating whether any crimes had been committed in the U.K. At the same time, authorities from other countries, including the United States, New Zealand, Italy and Ireland, suspect he may be tied to many more deaths.

CBC News has been in touch with several families who agreed to speak about their loss.

Gary Cooper, 41

A man looks out with clouds behind him
Gary Cooper, 41, died by suicide in July 2022 after consuming a substance mailed from Canada. (Submitted by Lee Cooper)

Lee Cooper remembers his brother Gary, from Liverpool, England, as “brilliant.” He said Gary endured mental health struggles but was beginning to turn a corner in the summer of 2022.

“He was getting help. He was slowly but surely getting there, and unfortunately he found [a pro-suicide] forum before he could get better, so he didn’t get a chance to heal.”

Gary used a toxic substance to take his own life. Lee said investigators found that the envelope used to mail the poison was postmarked from Canada.

Michael Dunham, 38

Michael Dunham died after taking a toxic substance linked to alleged poison seller Kenneth Law.
Michael Dunham, 38, died in October 2021, after taking a toxic substance. (Submitted by Hollie Arnavut)

The family of Briton Michael Dunham has been fighting to get a pro-suicide forum shut down since his death in October 2021. His sister Hollie said it’s “to make sure nobody else ever goes through what we’ve been through…. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

After Michael’s death, Hollie was forwarded a series of text messages he had sent. They included a picture of a sodium nitrite packet from a website linked to Law.

“I am so sorry,” Michael wrote.

Anthony Jones, 17

Anthony Jones, 17, died in Feb. 2022 after his mother says he ingested sodium nitrite.
Anthony Jones, 17, died in February 2022, after his mother says he ingested sodium nitrite. (Submitted by Tonia Jones)

Tonia Jones, from the Detroit area, remembers her son Anthony as a “good kid” who loved sweets, devoured books and enjoyed anime. Since his death in February 2022, Tonia has tried to warn other parents to “watch for warning signs” of loved ones in distress.

After Anthony ingested a substance purchased online, he ran to his mother and screamed, “I want to live, I want to live,” Tonia said. He was rushed to hospital, but it was too late.

A torn-up paper invoice was later found nearby showing Anthony’s address and a company name associated with Law.

Imogen Nunn, 25

Imogen Nunn was known as Deaf Immy to her social media followers.
Imogen Nunn, 25 — ‘Deaf Immy’ to her social media followers — died in January 2023. (Instagram/Deaf Immy)

Known as “Deaf Immy” on social media, Imogen Nunn posted TikTok videos raising awareness about the deaf community and mental health issues in Britain. She had more than 780,000 followers on the platform.

“I still get messages now saying ‘Immy did so much for me'” through her online activism, her mother, Louise, said.

Five months after her daughter’s death in January 2023, Louise said police told her Immy’s name appeared on a list of Law’s clients.

“Everyone who knew her just loved her,” Louise said.

Tom Parfett, 22

A young man with short brown hair wearing a plaid hoodie, sits at a picnic table under partly cloudy skies.
Tom Parfett, 22, was a university student who enjoyed watching soccer and had a passion for Lego. He was found dead in October 2021 in a London-area hotel. (Submitted by David Parfett)

Tom Parfett was a bright British philosophy student who cheered for Manchester United on the soccer pitch and worked at the Lego Store in London to earn some cash, his father said.

“I am 99 per cent certain that if my son was unable to source this drug, he’d still be here,” David Parfett said.

Tom died in October 2021, after ingesting a toxic substance. British police said they didn’t learn until a full year later that a packet had been found near the young man’s body, bearing the name of a website associated with Law.

Neha Raju, 23

Neha Raju from Surrey, England, was 23 when she died.
Neha Raju, from a town in Surrey, England, was 23 when she died in April 2022. (

Family and friends gathered to remember Neha Raju at a funeral service in Ashford, England, in April 2022. “She was often quiet when you first met her,” Neha’s younger sister tearfully recalled, “but when she warmed up to you, you began to see her fun, quirky side that made her, her.”

A coroner’s report into Neha’s death was sent to a Mississauga, Ont., post office box associated with Law.

“We will miss you dearly,” her sister said at Neha’s funeral. “You left us way too early.”

Noelle Ramirez, 20

Noelle Ramirez, from Montrose, Colo., was 20 when she died in March 2023.
Noelle Ramirez, 20, of Montrose, Colo., died in March 2023. (Submitted by David Ramirez)

David Ramirez, of Montrose, Colo., said losing his daughter Noelle in March 2023 has been “devastating.” He described Noelle as so kind and smart, “she would build computers for her friends who couldn’t afford them.” She also struggled with depression and had been diagnosed with autism.

After Noelle’s death, David found two separate order confirmation emails from a company associated with Law.

“My daughter should still be here,” David said. “I think she ran into a person who was more than willing to coach her through this and sell her the product.”

Tom Windsor, 29

Tom Windsor's family wrote he was "a loving son, brother, uncle, grandson, cousin, nephew, friend and so much more to so many people."
The family of Tom Windsor, 29, wrote he was ‘a loving son, brother, uncle, grandson, cousin, nephew, friend and so much more to so many people.’ (

Well travelled, Tom Windsor worked at times in Greece, Spain and the Czech Republic. He volunteered with an LGBTQ Pride organization in Exeter, England. His family said Tom “touched so many of our hearts with his gentle soul, kind heart, bold attitude and sense of humour.”

A coroner’s inquest in November 2022 heard that Tom had ordered the poison that killed him from a company in Canada.

His family continues to raise funds for British mental health initiatives through the Tom Windsor Memorial Fund. “He is greatly missed,” Tom’s family wrote, “and his memory is treasured.”

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