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Kip Winger Works On A New Solo Album – Latest Celebrity News, Entertainment News & Gossip

Kip Winger recently shared a photo from his studio on X and gave his followers a peek into his new solo project. The photo showed him working on his guitar and computer. His caption announced:

“Working on a few solo record ideas…”

Kip released his last solo record in 2016. It was called ‘Conversations With Nijinsky.’ The singer’s concept album, ‘Get Jack,’ followed in July 2019 and entered Billboard’s Cast Albums chart at number 7.

The Winger vocalist didn’t give details on his new work.

The Singer’s Last Work With His Band

Kip’s latest album with Winger, ‘Seven,’ came out on May 5, 2023. Paul Taylor returned to the band for the new record. Taylor last played with the other members in 1990’s ‘In The Heart Of The Young.’

Kip told The Metal Voice in 2023:

“This is the only album that every member of Winger played on every single song. So it’s actually the definitive Winger album because Paul Taylor played on every song and actually Paul has a solo on this album for the first time in our history. He played the solo on ‘Broken Glass.’”

The frontman was the producer for this 12-track album. He added:

“The main difference is that it’s all original guys playing on every song, so it’s really the ingredients of our whole history on every track on the album. I tried to grab the inspiration from the first album and then combine it with the depth of the stuff that followed.”

You can hear ‘Seven’ below.

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