Man baffled as he checks cameras to find random dogs in his pond


An Indiana homeowner received an unexpected visit from two surprise guests of the four-legged variety, but they were not there to say hello.

In a video shared with Newsweek by security camera firm Ring, two dogs, who appear to be Black Labradors, can be seen milling around the outside of a property in Mooresville.

However, the doggy duo are in no mood to make small talk. Instead, it becomes clear that they are there to sample the homeowner’s outdoor facilities or, more specifically, the large pond located close to his front lawn.

Within minutes of arriving on the property, both dogs have gone for a dip in the pond. In fact, by the end of the clip shared by Ring, the two Labradors appear to be doing laps, which is no mean feat considering the modest size of the pond itself.

Two dogs jumping into a pond.
Two dogs jump into a homeowner’s pond. He suspects they belong to his neighbor.

Greg, the homeowner who shared the video with Ring and captured the incident on camera back in May, reckons the dogs belong to one of his neighbors. Animal issues are at the heart of a significant number of disputes between neighbors in the United States.

In a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by OnePoll on behalf of, 36 percent said they have had issues with a neighbor that have escalated into full-blown arguments.

When it came to the topic of these disagreements, animal noise ranked among the top five most commonly cited complaints. It’s not just animal noise that’s a source of friction either. In one recent instance, a homeowner sparked fury with their neighbor after they discovered how they had been disposing of their dog’s poop.

Fortunately, in this particular instance, Greg has no real issue with the two dogs going for a dip in his pond. Speaking to Ring, he described his reaction as “first shock then it made me laugh,” adding that it was the “last thing I expected to see.”

It could have been worse. Earlier this month, a golden retriever by the name of Zeppole went viral after he was caught on camera enjoying a swim in his neighbor’s pool on a hot day. What made the situation worse was the fact that Zeppole straight up refused to leave the pool, despite his owner’s best efforts to make him do so.

Greg should probably just be thankful it was only a pair of dogs. One homeowner in Nevada got the fright of his life last year after discovering a giant bear had been enjoying a soak in his garden pond.

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