Marjorie Taylor Greene outraged after access restricted at GOP debate

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was left “furious,” accusing Fox News of “censorship,” saying she was denied access to a media event following the Republican presidential primary debate.

Greene, a Georgia Republican who is a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, said she was attending the first Republican primary debate of the 2024 election cycle on behalf of Trump, the party’s front-runner.

The MAGA leader did not join his eight GOP presidential rivals on the Fiserv Forum debate stage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Shortly after the debate, the congresswoman told RSBN host Brian Glenn, Fox News “blocked” her out and refused to let her enter the “spin room,” where candidates can interact with the media. Greene said she was there with fellow Trump supporter Representative Matt Gaetz, and they were acting as the former president’s surrogates, since he refused to participate.

Marjorie Taylor Greene "furious" at Fox News
Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is shown at the U.S. Capitol on July 18, 2023. Greene on Wednesday accused Fox News of “censorship,” saying she wasn’t allowed to participate in a post-debate event on behalf of former President Donald Trump, who skipped the event.
Anna Moneymaker/Getty

Fox News warned candidates and media outlets before the debate that only aides of those who are participating will be granted access to the spin room, according to a memo obtained by The New York Times. The memo also noted that aides of nonparticipating candidates will only have access to the media event if they are invited by outlets covering the debate.

Newsweek reached out via email Wednesday night to representatives for Fox News and Greene.

Despite the warning from the network, Greene railed against being denied access while speaking with Glenn moments afterward.

“They just blocked us out,” she said. “They would not allow myself, Matt Gaetz or the other Trump surrogates to go into the spin room. We argued with them. Talked to them. We showed the correct credentials … And they would not let us in, so this is censorship from Fox News. This is censorship, not allowing surrogates for President Trump to go into the spin room.”

When Glenn tried to move on to a different topic, Greene said she was too upset about the ordeal, saying: “I’m sorry, I’m still so mad that we’ve just been blocked out. I literally am furious.”

Greene said Trump’s freedom of speech is constantly being “canceled” and slammed the indictments against him. The former president is facing 91 felony charges in four separate indictments. The congresswoman lamented that Trump plans to surrender in Georgia on Thursday, where he was issued his most recent indictment.

“We have freedom of speech,” she said. “President Trump’s speech is constantly being canceled, Brian. He’s being arrested and indicted and indicted in Fulton County tomorrow because of his speech, because he said the election was stolen in 2020. And now us as surrogates for President Trump supporting his candidacy, wanting to talk about his message in the spin room tonight, had been censored and blocked out.”

Greene apologized to Glenn for venting during the interview, saying she just “can’t believe this just happened.”

The MAGA ally also said she thinks that “everyone in this country doesn’t really care what those candidates have to say on that debate stage. They care so much about President Trump and what he had to say and what we wanted to say on his behalf.”

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