Mayor postpones sweep of homeless camp by 1 extra day


DENVER (KDVR) — Mayor Mike Johnston has postponed a downtown homeless sweep after the city originally gave those living in the encampment less than a day’s notice.

FOX31’s Lisa D’Souza reached out to the mayor’s office and they said the sweep between 17th and 18th and Logan will be postponed until Thursday morning at 7 a.m. “in an effort to give people living in the encampment additional time to plan their next steps.”

FOX31 originally learned about the sweep late Wednesday night. It comes a day after a shooting on the same street sent two people to the hospital.

Johnston has said his administration would give a seven-day notice before clearing an encampment, but the city said that decision will be circumstantial.

“The city makes decisions about encampments based on specific facts and circumstances,” said Jordan Fuja, a spokesperson for Johnston’s office. “In response to significant public health and safety concerns at 17th and Logan on Monday, Aug. 21, we are proceeding with an emergency closure of this encampment. People were given a day’s notice to vacate the encampment.”

According to the mayor’s office, the encampment conditions became unsafe. Those living in the encampment will be connected with supportive services and shelters.

Since Johnston took office, he has declared a state of emergency over homelessness in Denver and has already cleared out at least one encampment at 22nd and Stout.

Johnston has said addressing homelessness will be a top priority for his administration.


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