Melissa Joan Hart and Will Friedle Had a “Whirlwind Romance” as Teenage Nickelodeon Stars: “I Think We Called Each Other a Few Times on a Landline”

Melissa Joan Hart and Will Friedle took a stroll down memory lane on Monday’s (Aug. 21) episode of the Pod Meets World iHeartPodcast.

The two, along with Boy Meets World stars Danielle Fishel and Rider Strong, discussed their “teenybopper romance” that took place when the two starred on Nickelodeon.

Hart name dropped Friedle as her heartthrob, revealing that “all her books said ‘I heart Will,’” and Friedle then revealed that he celebrated Hart’s 14th or 15th birthday with her in Orlando.

“Remember we went to someplace where it (had) those big tanks you could drive or shoot the tennis balls at?” he asked Hart. “We went out for that and we were, like, making googly eyes at each other. And by the end of night we were ‘dating.’”

“And I think we called each other a few times on a landline,” Hart recalled.

Friedle described their relationship as a “whirlwind romance,” as they couldn’t even remember if they had ever kissed.

It turns out that the Sabrina the Teenage Witch star also had a cameo on Boy Meets World in the 1997 episode “The Witches of Pennbrook,” in which she reprised her role as Sabrina alongside Friedle’s Eric Matthews, per Collider.

The two also revealed that they are collaborating on a project inspired by the decade in which they reached stardom.

“Essentially it’s, Melissa and I did a movie together back in the ’90s,” Friedle shared.

However, he explained that the movie was never finished because of “a bunch of very funny reasons,” and the director must “get his cast back together to finish their ’90s movie even though we’re all now almost 50.”

Both Hart and Friedle told Fishel and Strong that they must take part in the film, in which they may potentially star with “some of [their] exes and some of [their] friends.” While prospective viewers shouldn’t expect the film for a while due to the ongoing strikes, Hart is still game to take on the project.

“I was like, we have to do this!” she exclaimed to Friedle. “I have to be in this with you.”

Boy Meets World is now streaming on Disney+ and Sabrina the Teenage Witch is streaming on Prime Video.

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