Mom’s huge meat haul makes the case for Costco membership: ‘All this for $43’


A thrifty mom has revealed how she affords a massive meat shop to feed her family for just $43.  

According to the Aussie shopper, bulk-buying meat from Costco and then freezing individual portions is the way to save big.

Read on to find out exactly what she buys and how she preps it all for meals in the coming months. 

Aussie mom’s epic Costco meat haul

Taking to the Mums on a Budget Facebook group, Jenna posted a photo of her huge meat shop which she had divided up into vacuum bags.

Raw chicken, ground beef
The mom said she was able to exploit the inexpensive raw meat prices to feed her family for just $3 per meal.

In the caption, she shared the cost breakdown, writing: “This cost me $66.21, divided into:

  • 2 X cooked cold chicken 300g
  • 6 X raw chicken breast
  • 7 X 500g mince

$3 per meal, our meals feed three to four people usually.

So $.65 per person, add pasta or rice, sauce and vegetables. 👌🏻”

She added: “If you’re still not sure about getting a Costco membership…”

The post now has 415 likes and over 150 comments, with fellow moms praising the budget-friendly haul.  

‘Wow, I’m so getting a Costco membership”

“Well, that’s good to know!” one mom commented while another wrote, “Such a bargain! Thanks for sharing!”

Another impressed fan said: “You got all that from Costco? Wow, I’m so getting a Costco membership as I’m battling to afford things with the price of foods at the regular supermarkets.”

Then lots of moms already on the Costco train weighed in with their thoughts. One wrote: “I really like their meat. I was a bit hesitant to start with but then when I worked out the prices compared to what I was buying at Woolworths, it was a no-brainer. We got a whole heap of meat in bulk. We are onto the fifth week of our meat shop and I could still easily get another two weeks out of the meals.”

outside Costco
The Facebook post has led other moms to say that they’ll soon be signing up for a Costco membership as well.
Toby Scott/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

Another shared, “We do the exact same thing. With five meat eaters in the family, three adults, and two teen boys who eat more than the adults, it saves us so much. We also use the vacuum bags.”

“I also buy bulk chicken thighs at Costco for around $15 and I make approximately 40 chicken schnitzels out of it,” read another comment. “Then I freeze them individually and take what I need out on the day to defrost. Such a cheap and easy way to do it.”

And then another happy shopper said: “Yes yes yes, I spent $646 the other week on meat, kids snacks for school, nappies for a month and other pantry staples we use. 80% of that cost was meat as our freezer was empty. We now have a full freezer and at least three months of meat. Kids have enough school snacks for two-three months at least.”

‘Costco meat is fantastic’

Then commenters started sharing their thoughts about the quality of meat at Costco, with one person claiming, “100% Costco meat is amazing!!!”

“Costco meat is fantastic,” echoed a second. “Very lean and has barely any fat in it at all and the price is great.”

And a third admitted: “They have the nicest mince we have had in AGES – I was surprised.”

“I’d definitely buy Costco meat over supermarket meat! It’s definitely better,” revealed a fourth.

Then another group member asked, “Is the membership worth it for the meat?” and Jenna replied: “I think so, plus discounted fuel. And a slice of pizza (like a massive slice) and a refillable drink for $4 lol – just for that I think it’s worth it!!”


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