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Muzzle trailer: Aaron Eckhart takes a bite out of crime in a new action-packed revenge thriller

RLJE’s Muzzle trailer finds Aaron Eckhart getting revenge after his K-9 partner dies in a shootout with local drug dealers.

John Wick isn’t the only character willing to go on a killing spree after someone takes his dog off the board. In RLJE Films’s Muzzle trailer, Jake Rosser (Aaron Eckhart) is an elite agent grieving the loss of his partner. While all dogs go to heaven, Rosser is ready to travel to hell and back to honor his dog’s memory and take a bite out of crime.

In Muzzle, “LAPD K-9 officer Jake Rosser (Aaron Eckhart) and his K-9 partner Ace battle it out on the streets of LA when they get into a shootout with local drug dealers, and Ace is shot dead,” reads the film’s official synopsis. “In a moment of crisis, Jake tries to get an EMT to look at Ace and assaults him when he refuses, resulting in him taking leave from the force. Blocked by Internal Affairs and muzzled by his own superiors from finding the shooter’s identity, Jake resolves to go rogue and partners with “Socks,” a violent K-9 with titanium incisors and a mysterious past. Jake and Socks aim to uncover a vast conspiracy that has a chokehold on the city and take vengeance on those responsible.”

John Stalberg Jr. (Bad HombresExecutive Decision) directs from a script by Carlyle Eubank (CryptoThe Signal). Aaron Eckhart leads the cast, with Stephen Lang (Avatar: The Way of WaterDon’t Breathe), Nick Searcy (JustifiedFried Green Tomatoes), Penelope Mitchell (HellboyHemlock Grove), Diego Tinoco (Teen WolfOn My Block), Grainger Hines (The Ballad of Buster ScruggsThe Knick) and Luis Chávez (Ocean’s TwelveCrash).

What would you do if someone came after your dog? Would you let the authorities handle the situation, or would you take matters into your own hands? I would raise hell if someone came after my cat, Loki. There wouldn’t be anywhere for the person to hide. I’d find them and make them pay. People’s love for their pets runs deeper than most assume, and a K-9 partner in the fight against crime is one of the strongest bonds in law enforcement.

What do you think of today’s Muzzle trailer? Muzzle comes to theaters, and everywhere you rent movies on September 29, 2023.

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