Netflix Announces Its Biggest Releases For September, October, November And December – THE USA PRINT

Get ready for a fall full of cinema thanks to Netflix, which has just rolled out a cinematic menu with 28 options for all palates, starting in September. The crown jewels are rebel moonthe new adventure of zack snyderand Teacherthe drama by Bradley Cooper, both scheduled for December. Also, please mark your calendars for September 27, the day that Wes Anderson bring your short The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugarinspired by a story of Roald Dahl .

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Among the strong dishes we also find reptile, rustinand the second installment of Chicken Run – 97%without forgetting the documentary slyabout Sylvester Stallone. From documentary chronicles like Scouts Honor even romantic comedies like Love at First Sight and family epics like Spy Kids: Armageddon, there will be plenty to choose from. And for those looking for more global productions, it will be available Counta black comedy from Chilean lands.

Carey Mulligan and Bradley Cooper in Teacher (Netflix)

In October we will have productions like reptilea drama starring Benicio, the bull and Justin Timberlake, fair playa thriller directed by Chloe Domontand The Devil on Triala documentary exploring the use of “demon possession” as a defense in a US murder trial. Also included are titles such as Old Dadsa comedy special directed by bill burr, Pain Hustlersa drama based on a book by evan hughesand sister deatha horror film from Spain.

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May December is a drama that explores a notorious tabloid relationship two decades later, with a cast that includes Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore. The Archiesan Indian romantic comedy, takes us back to the 1960s to follow the lives of famous Riverdale teenagers. Leave the World Behind is a thriller starring Julia Roberts and Mahershala Ali where a family must face a collapsing world due to a cyberattack.

For fans of animation Runaway Chicks: The Origin of Nuggets comes as the sequel to the famous stop-motion film. In the realm of drama, this December brings Teacherof Bradley Cooperwith a story of love and art, starring himself and carey mulligan. Finally, zack snyder come back with rebel moonan action-fantasy epic that promises to be a cinematic event.

Netflix has a diverse lineup lined up for the fall, aiming to cater to a wide range of movie tastes.


Scouts Honor: The Secret Files Of The Boy Scouts Of – September 6 on Netflix
Love At First Sight – September 15 on Netflix
Count – September 15 on Netflix, and in select theaters September 7
The Saint Of Second Chances – September 19 on Netflix
Spy Kids: Armageddon – September 22 on Netflix
The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar – September 20 on Netflix


reptile – October 6 on Netflix, September 29 in select theaters
fair play – October 13 on Netflix, September 29 in select theaters
The Devil On Trial – October 17 on Netflix
Old Dads – October 20 on Netflix
Pain Hustlers – October 27 on Netflix, October 20 in select theaters
sister death – October on Netflix


wingwomen (Voleuses) – November 1 on Netflix
nyad – November 3 on Netflix, October 20 in select theaters
sly – November 3 on Netflix
The Killer – November 10 on Netflix, October 27 in select theaters
Stamped From The Beginning – November 15 on Netflix
Best. Christmas. Ever! – November 16 on Netflix
rustin – November 17 on Netflix, November 3 in select theaters
Leo – November 21 on Netflix
Family Switch – November 30 on Netflix


May December – December 1 on Netflix, November 17 in select theaters
The Archies – December on Netflix
Leave The World Behind – December 8 on Netflix
Runaway Chicks: The Origin of the Nuggets – December 15 on Netflix
Teacher – December 20 on Netflix, November 22 in select theaters
Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire – December 22 on Netflix

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