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Netflix’s Best New Show Arrives With A Perfect 100% Critic Score


While Unlocked: A Jail Experiment is the reality series that is staying on top of the charts on Netflix for the moment, there’s a new show out that appears to be worth your time. If you like tough-to-watch psychological dramas.

That would be Baby Reindeer, an oddly named British series that has debuted at #3 on the charts, but more impressively, has gotten a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment, which you don’t often seen from Netflix originals. It’s not that many reviews in yet, but that’s impressive, and early audience scores are similarly high.

Baby Reindeer is based on a play, which is based on real experiences that creator Richard Gadd had in his past, dealing with a female stalker who showed up at his house and sent him thousands of messages. Here’s what he said about the situation in his life:

“When a man gets stalked it can be portrayed in films and television as a sexy thing. Like a femme fatale who gradually becomes more sinister. It doesn’t carry as much threat of physical violence, is less common and can be trivialised. I was physically scared because I didn’t know how far she could take it, she could have a knife, but I did think how terrifying it would be if she was a tall scary man.”

I suppose this may be spoilers for the series if you want to hear how the real-life situation was resolved, but in the end, the woman received nine months in prison and a five-year restraining order.

You can watch the trailer for it below:

This is a miniseries, not something that’s going to be itching to get a season 2, given the nature of the story. It’s only seven episodes long, with most of them just over 30 minutes, so 3.5-4 hours total to get through it all.

I’m certainly going to give it a watch given these reviews and how compelling the story seems like it will be. I am curious to see if it will make its way to #1 on Netflix, as you hope audiences would reward quality, but given its subject matter, I would not be shocked if it didn’t. We’ll see.

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